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A Quick, Practical, and Easily Achievable Instagram Business Model, And 100% Free For Everyone
Win On Instagram - A Complete eGuide Created For Individuals And Small Businesses 
To Grow Their Business Using Instagram.
Are You Making Any Progress With Your Marketing On Instagram?
eMarketer predicts that by the end of 2017, 70.7% of brands in the U.S. will be using Instagram 
for marketing. That's a MASSIVE amount! Now is the time to learn how to get your piece of the pie! 
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Does Instagram eat up way too much of your valuable time? 

Ever feel like you don't really have any strategy and you just post content?

Win On Instagram - My start to finish eGuide made for people who want to grow and convert business from Instagram!
  •  Growth: Learn the exact method I use to grow hundreds of my clients Instagram accounts organically and quickly using simple targeting methods!
  • Content: Learn how to add value to your audience so that they become loyal followers and help spread your name around. 
  • Conversions: I will cover a complete strategy from start to finish that anyone can implement in order to move followers from Instagram to your website, email list, and product funnels. 
Here's the scoop...
I'm Daniel McIntire (@dmacyoga).

I built my Instagram from zero followers to profitable business using this exact strategy. You can do this too! 

I made the mistakes already when doing this on my Instagram account. Everything in this eGuide is being used today by me and my clients! Instagram is a challenge but when you have a plan in place that you believe in, things start to be a lot easier.

This eGuide will change the way you operate on social media, forever.
I NEVER thought I would release this information to the public...

This eGuide is the backbone of my Influncrrs monthly service. It's full of all my secrets, strategies, and action steps for how my clients WIN ON INSTAGRAM.

To be honest, I'm not sure how long I will even have keep this offer available... 

If you are looking for a logical, easy to implement, and PROVEN way to get real business and new opportunities straight from Instagram, grab this eGuide right now.

Don't think, just act. I wouldn't release something like this if I didn't believe that it will help thousands of people.

-Daniel, Founder
Win On Instagram
A Complete Funnel System by Influncrrs Founder, Daniel McIntire
Learn a proven strategy for winning new business, more sales, new opportunities, and strong brand recognition using just an Instagram account! 

This eGuide will:
  • Learn how to post content effectively using themes, value, and authenticity.
  • Learn the underground secrets to writing powerful captions.
  • A complete, step by step, method to growing your following and boosting your engagement organically!
  • A simple and comprehensive conversion strategy that ANYONE can use no matter what market you're in.
  • Written and developed by @dmacyoga! I've actually built a strong Instagram account in the Yoga niche market.
  • Discover the secrets on how anyone, anywhere can use this information to funneltheir followers right into their business.
Client moving through the simple process of building her first funnel
Yoga Teacher WINNING after just one month of using the funnel system
Client using the content strategy (included) and the funnel system to sell!
About The Author
Daniel McIntire was born and raised in Portland, OR with his two younger siblings Megan (28) and Scott (26).

After graduating from Oregon State Universities with Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering Management , Daniel work in the conductor industry for 5 years.

A true entrepreneur at heart, Daniel always said he would quit his day job by age 30. On July 26th, 2016, Daniel quit his job with no plans in place except to teach a lot of yoga classes.

In late September of 2016, Daniel realized he had all the tools and knowledge to start an Instagram marketing company. He founded Influncrrs and had his first client within 2 weeks.

Business and goal setting are his passion. He plans to relocate his life to Oahu, HI with his girlfriend Courtney "Skins" Randall. There he has his most exciting goals he's faced in his life. His three year goal map is:

1. Move to Oahu, Hawaii by Jan. 1st, 2018
2. Build a 7 figure business by Jan. 1st, 2019
3. Purchase a $1M+ house with cash by Jan. 1st, 2020

"I've discovered that I simply must believe in myself. I'm fully capable of creating the life I want through visualization. What truly excites me is not knowing how I will get there!" - Daniel
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