Build Your Instagram Strategy
Learn: Value Added + Attention = Results
  • Value Added? Learn the most effective way to add value in everything you do on Instagram. Influncrrs will teach you how to post effectively, and develop your authentic voice.
  • Attention? Attention is what happens when people feel connected with you. When you ADD VALUE and have your followers ATTENTION you can make lasting changes to your brand or business and meet your goals. I'll help you every step of the way.
  • Engagement Boost - I will grow your account, behind the scenes, so you can focus all your time on your brand and creating valuable content. Your Instagram account will grow 24/7 and you can see the types of people I bring in (right on your phone)!
  • Engage With Thousands Of New Users - Each month you will get seen by 20,000+ targeted Instagram Users in your market. That is powerful, but without a strategy that potential won't be taken advantage of. I'll teach you how to meet your goals, every step of the way.
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Premium Instagram Growth & Strategy 
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Influncrrs was born out of the desire to help anyone, anywhere, with any message, connect with and grow their audience on Instagram

Your account will grow with the types of people you want to be seen by, and your content will capture their attention. We will grow your account organically and consistently everyday with quality users who actually want to engage with you. I'll teach you the simple strategies and principals to forge powerfully strong relationships with your audience and meet your goals.
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How Does It Work?
Part One: Targeted Organic Growth
Target The Right Users For Your Account
I'm @dmacyoga. Using my Influncrrs Growth Strategy, I grew from 2,432 to 18.2K in 12 months

In order to grow your account, we need to bring relevant people to see your account.

This is exaclty what I do!

I engage with the groups of people who are most likely to become customers or fans of your brand. 

Influncrrs targeting is based on what users are doing, viewing, and posting on Instagram, as well as where they live and where the visit most often.

We will engage them directly from your account, so that you are reaching out to them first. That is how you draw interest back to your account.

You will still own posting content, replying to comments and engaging with people who already follow you.

My role is your "behind the scenes" growth dude who will engage with NEW people based on the targeting parameters I set and from what you share with me about your ideal target market.

Nothing will change with what you are currently doing. You will see all the activity that I am bringing in as it happens, in real time, right on your phone.

The free week trial will give you enough sample data to determine if my service brings in quality people to your Instagram or not.

With Influncrrs, you will have more time to focus on your quality content, business, and creating relationships with all your new, engaged, fans.

Engagement is KING
Goal: Boost "Per Post" Engagement. All good things start with high engagement.
Part Two: Creating Deep Relationships
Use The Right Strategy To Tell Your Authentic Story
It's simple formula that ANYONE can use. Quality photos combined with potent captions.

High engagement is a by-product of authentic communication with people interested in what you do, sell, or promote.

Influncrrs Growth Strategy will not work unless you are able to establish a strong connection with all the people we are bringing into your account. That can be really hard!

I will teach you how to use the tools at your disposal to create meaningful connections with all the people we bring in right away.

It starts with an eye catching image. It doesn't have to be the most intense or rare photo ever. Any image will work as long as the quality is high (not grainy or misunderstood). 

The most important part of creating authentic relationships will be through your captions! That is the KEY that so many people miss.

I'll teach you how to find your voice, with honest and relevant feedback, so that you can learn and grow yourself into a master caption writer.

You will see the results of your hard work right away!!

To the left is an example of a "Potent Caption". It has many different things going on that make it a strong and relatable caption. 

To the right is all the genuine, authentic and (most importantly) deep replies from my audience. 

Your audience wants to know YOU. Show them the person behind the account and you'll see massive engagement
Part Three: Convert Real Results
Learn how make real ROI from Instagram based on your goals, using a strategy that is easy to implement, doesn't need to be managed and draws from your creative brain. I'll guide you every step of the way!
Real Client: Targeted potential customers for private online yoga class and people bought

On Instagram, if people are interacting with your account and you're growing daily... You have built up serious potential.

But it's hard to know exactly how to tap into that potential to you see a real return on your investment into Instagram.

Think about it like this... Instagram is a mini web page for your brand. People can land on your account, see photos and videos about your brand, and maybe decide to "subscribe" (in a sense that is what a follower is!) to your updates!

That is SO POWERFUL! If you're not tapping into it, you are missing out on massive ROI.

TV, newspaper, magazine, billboards, radio simply cannot hold our attention like social media can. And Instagram is the KING of social media.

When you combine Part's One and Two of the Influncrrs Growth Strategy, you are tapping into a stream of unlimited, highly targeted, web traffic, and immediately creating powerful connections when users meet your brand.

You don't have to lift a finger for that traffic, Influncrrs will do that for you!

We teach you how to take advantage of that potential no matter what your brand or business model is. 

As the old internet saying goes Traffic = Money!

Real Client: Wanted to make extra money, wrote an eBook, sells copies direct from her Instagram Bio.
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Hey! I'm Daniel McIntire (@dmacyoga). I'm a 30 year old entrepreneur from Portland, OR.  I practice and teach yoga as a passion but my life goal is to achieve freedom of time. 

@dmacyoga says:

I am able to attract and convert thousands of targeted NEW followers each month. I coach you on how to get massive user engagement, and what type of content works best at converting new followers. I'm highly competent in what I do and my proof is available on Instagram - I'm @dmacyoga

Started At: 2359 followers (Feb 2016)
Currently: 18.2k followers (Jan 2017)

@courtrandyoga says:

Daniel has boosted my Instagram business from basically nothing to something in less than 6 months. He is so knowledgable about his business and the things he presents just make sense. I can't thank him enough for the work he has done and is continuing to do for my business on Instagram.

Started At: 394 followers (Nov 2016)
Currently: 3,414 followers (March 2017)

@warriorone_yogapants says:

Working with Daniel was exactly what we needed in order to get to that next level on Instagram. He and his team are super friendly and fun to work with. I'd encourage anyone who needs a real following on Instagram to work with!

Started At: 1,002 followers (Jan 2017)
Currently: 6,719 followers (Aug 2017)
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